By Tea Pain USA

That is the question that will weigh heavy on the Democrat controlled House for the next few months.


Like most of you, Tea Pain is dealin' with this same struggle as well. Tea Pain, is first and foremost, an idealist. Yesterday, the road map to impeachment was clearly laid out in Bob Mueller's damnin' report of the most corrupt and incompetent White House our nation has ever witnessed. The idealist inside Tea Pain considers this one a "no brainer"; crimes were committed, impeachment is the only logical choice.


But there's another side of Tea Pain: the horse-sense pragmatist. This feller sees impeachment as an academic endeavor at best, destined to fail because Trump is protected by the most corrupt GOP-controlled Senate in recent history. Why hand Trump a "victory" in the middle of an election cycle? Anyone who remembers the Clinton impeachment recalls how it destroyed the Republicans obsessed with takin' out ol' Bill.


So, is there a solution that can assuage both the idealist and the pragmatist Democrat goin' forward? Tea Pain thinks there is.


The first steps are pretty logical and already in motion. Brother Jerry Nadler has subpoenaed the full Mueller Report and Dems have already called for Bob Mueller hisself to publicly appear before Congress. These first steps will take a little time, no doubt, plus Mueller won't appear for at least another month. While we await Mueller to address the nation, the other requests for Trump's taxes and financials should begin to bear fruit.


The key part of this incremental strategy depends on what Tea Pain considers to be the biggest takeaway from the Mueller Report. Brother Bob told us he referred 14, count 'em, 14 different criminal investigations to other jurisdictions. While the Dems pursue this precursor to impeachment, odds are good one or two of these 14 cases will yield additional indictments and possibly tip the scales of public opinion. That's the thing about Republicans, they are blindly loyal till they see their own re-election hopes sailin' toward the rocky shore, then they run like scalded cats.


This additional time will allow Nancy Pelosi and other key Dems to read the field and shore-up bipartisan cooperation which will determine if impeachment is a winnin' hand. If the needle moves enough, file the articles and it's on like Donkey Kong. If not, consider censure or other measures.


This is a cautious, but deliberate approach to the impeachment puzzle. Tea Pain sees Democrats as Tom Cruise at the the end of "A Few Good Men." Does he go big and accuse Colonel Jesup of orderin' the Code Red, riskin' his own fledglin' career in the process, or does he play it safe and stand down? Demi Moore is the Progressive Base, pushin' him ever closer to the edge as he leans over and peers deep into the abyss, while the the more centrist Kevin Pollack tries to reel him in and keep him safely in the fold.


Speakin' of Tom Cruise. If the Dems come in hot like Maverick in Top Gun, we might win in the end, but we lose Goose in the process. We need to play a long game more like Mitch McDeere in "The Firm", where all the crooks go to jail and only the right people get killed.