By Tea Pain USA

Twenty or thirty years ago, Christianity in America was goin’ strong. But over the past couple of decades, folks have fled their local churches in record numbers. Why?

It seems that the Evangelical movement has burrowed into the hide of Christianity like a tick and released its poison of xenophobia and homophobia. The doctrines of goodness, kindness and decency have been overpowered with a far-right framework of anger, intolerance and retribution. It’s as if they took everything good about Jesus and replaced it with the exact opposite.

Sad to say, our Democracy is currently sufferin’ a similar fate. Even though America’s Constitutional history is far from perfect, ever since the Foundin’ Fathers rolled out the Bill of Rights there has been an slow arch bendin’ towards justice, freedom and equality.


The Bible warned Christians that in the end times, imposters in sheep’s clothin’ would sow discord and divide the flock, and our Democracy is no different. Donnie Rottenseed and his mindless cult have been spreadin’ seeds of discord and division in our great land. One by one, they have dismantled our norms and morals, and they are now hackin’ at the very roots of our legal system while we sleep and dream of a deliverer. Tea Pain here’s to wake you from your slumber and tell you there is only one Deliverer, and he is us!


Democracy is like a beautiful garden, bearin’ fruit for all those that labor in it. But for years we have grown complacent and not tended to the fragile shoots reachin’ skyward. An orange-skinned scoundrel crept in durin’ the middle of the night and sowed the bad seed among the good. With no watchful stewards left to cultivate the weeds of division, they found purchase, grew up overnight and choked out the young branches of freedom.


Is it over? Do we abandon our garden, the once-paradise for all that yearned to breath free? Never! It’s time for a reawakenin’ - a summer tent revival for the weary to rise and embrace all the wonderful articles of Liberty, just like they were first given when all things were new. We must honor all those that died to preserve our rights by defendin’ the Constitution with all our heart, all our soul and all our might. Like Christianity, it is time for Americans to become like disciples.


What do disciples do? Essentially two things: they grow in the faith, and they share that faith with others. Tea Pain is here to tell you that Patriotism is trending again. Take the time to reclaim your inner patriot, immerse yourselves in the issues that are important to you, your family and your American brethren. Go ye into the world and preach the good news of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Shine a light and bring unregistered voters into the fold, kindly and gently leadin’ them to the warmth of Lady Liberty’s torch.


Ring the bells and proclaim that which is old is new again. It’s time to become… Disciples of Democracy!