By Tea Pain USA

Since the Mueller Report was first tendered to William Barr last month, Tea Pain has been mullin’ over all the fuss and feathers about whether or not to impeach Trump. The hard left side of the party made no bones about it, "Impeach now," while the moderate center advised caution, fearin’ Trump would welcome impeachment as a strategy to ensure his re-election in 2020.

Here’s three things to consider…

Trump finally got his Roy Cohn

Durin’ Trump’s salad days of the 1980s and 90s, Trump had his family consigliere, attorney Roy Cohn, to snatch him from the jaws of one legal demise after the other. There was nothin’ ol’ Roy wouldn’t stoop to to keep his one client out of harm’s way. When Trump felt like scandals were gettin’ the best of him, he was known to holler out, “Where’s my Roy Cohn?!”

In Attorney General William Barr, Trump has found way more than his “Roy Cohn.” Even a Roy Cohn conceived and born on the planet Krypton could not rival the power wielded by Trump’s newest Swamp Toad. Barr has the capacity to choke out every one of the dozens of federal investigations into Trump. Congress can fight for months to hold a Trump aide in contempt, but when they finally get a criminal referral, guess whose desk it winds up on? That’s right, William Barr's.

Barr’s belief in the “unitary executive” doctrine means he believes that a President is incapable of committin’ a crime while in office. Add to the fact that Barr has shown no reluctance whatsoever in carryin’ out any edict Trump spews from his tiny baby-mouth, and we come to the blood-curdlin’ realization that Donald Trump is now the de facto Attorney General, with the full might of the federal judicial branch at his command. As recent as Friday evenin’, Trump boldly proclaimed to Politico that he will request for William Barr to investigate Joe Biden. Only in Banana Republics do authoritarians wield a sword of virtually unchecked power.

Trump’s Low Approval Rating Won’t Hamper His Re-election Chances

Many Democrats point to Trump’s approval ratin’ hoverin’ around 40-42% and suggest we leave Trump alone and let the people vote him out in 2020. Tea must remind you that Adolf Hitler was elected Vice-Chancellor of Germany in 1933 with only 33% of the vote. Hitler took bold, immoral, unethical and patently illegal moves at every opportunity to slash norms, neuter laws and solidify power. Trump, with the entire Department of Justice at his disposal, can destroy political opponents with phony investigations and abuse the legal machinery of our federal judicial system to suppress more minority votes than possible in Jesse Helms’ most salacious wet-dreams.

Only a fool would believe that the Donald Trump of today will remotely resemble the Donald Trump of October 2020. Fresh off of William Barr’s smoke-and-mirror rollout of the Mueller Report, Trump feels doubly enabled to ignore protocols, flaunt convention and shatter the Constitution's sway over our legal system. How can any American Patriot with an ounce of the Foundin’ Fathers blood pumpin’ through their veins stand idly by as our Democracy descends back into the imperial slime from whence it emerged?

We Have a Solemn Patriotic Duty

Impeachment ain’t a political calculation. It’s a solemn Constitutional duty—every bit as sacred as the precious freedoms bestowed on us by our nation’s most venerated document. It’s the most serious action the American people may take to remove a duly elected President who has strayed from the hallowed oath he took to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Needless to say, we must approach this task with reverence, honor and the dignity it deserves. Bob Mueller has laid out before us a clear case of not one, but ten distinct acts of obstruction by Donald Trump. Every day, Trump adds to his list of crimes by blockin’ Constitutional oversight by Congress, ignorin’ subpoenas for documents and suppressin' witnesses called to testify. Day after passin’ day, our lawless president continues to thumb his nose at the rule of law. He is a tyrant and must meet a tyrant's fate. Therefore, impeachment is no longer an option, but a sacred duty we must carry out—for if we do not, we are no less lawless than the tyrant we seek to remove.

Ring the bells and send out the call! The time for impeachment is here. May God us have mercy on us all.